The company DALCOCHEM A.B.E.E.F.A. was founded in 1977.

The company's facilities are located at 213 L. Karamanli Street, in the area of ​​Acharnes in an area of ​​4,500 sq.m.

The sectors in which our company operates are:

  1. Production of Disinfectants
  2. Production of Cosmetics
  3. Production of Detergents
  4. Production to third parties
  5. PEST CONTROL SERVICE Applications (Insecticide - Rodenticide - Disinfection)
  6. General Consumer Trade
  7. Marketing of electrical devices for catching flying insects (INSECT - O - CUTOR)
  8. Dosing Systems
  9. Disinfection Spray Machines (IGEBA)

Our company addresses to: mass catering areas, food processing and production, food and beverage processing laboratories, supermarkets, catering units, hotels, hospitals, military units, schools, universities, cafes, patisseries, banks, etc.


It is staffed with Scientific Staff (Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Engineers, Food Technologists, Agronomists, etc.).

Our staff is experienced trained and properly trained for Insecticide - Rodenticide Services (Pest Control Services).

It has the appropriate equipment both for the production of its products and for the implementation of the services it provides.

The main priority of the company, for a number of years, is the production and provision of quality products and services. It achieves this with the continuous controls it implements, the continuous training of the staff and its persistent focus on the result.